Meet the Researchers: ESR10 Naira LÓPEZ CAÑELLAS

Naira López Cañellas (AI Researcher) graduated with a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics offered jointly by the universities Pompeu Fabra, Carlos III and Autónoma de Madrid. Right after, she got an MA in Transnational Governance from the European University Institute, with a specialisation on Digital Politics, Technology and Media.

About her CISC Research she says
As a member of the CISC project, I am pursuing my PhD in Ethical and Legal Implications of the Use of Real-Time Data-Gathering Devices in Manufacturing. Simultaneously, I work at the European DIGITAL SME Alliance supporting the Focus Group on AI and following present and upcoming European legislation on emerging technologies.
Given the nature of the CISC Project, my research has both a theoretical and practical track, as reflected in the two-part research question:
A) What legal requirements and ethical issues are raised by the deployment of AI applications that rely on real time data gathering devices in the workplace?
B) What barriers do European digital SMEs face when addressing them?

So far, my work has covered some of the most common dilemmas in the AI realm, such as the environmental footprint of the use of AI, privacy, liability, bias and discrimination, etc. Overall, my research seeks to incorporate the point of view of sustainability, mass surveillance and workers’ socioeconomic rights into AI research and deployment.

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