ESR 11 Project Host Iveco

Host institution: IVECO              Duration 36 Months

Objectives: This project will design experiments in a real Automotive assembly line work environment. Automotive is a sector where production systems are based on assembly lines that require a cross interaction between highly automated workstations and highly trained human resources. The researchers here will test human-in-the–loop-automation performance in the context of different workstations. According to the kind of tasks involved into the assembly line, the researcher will devise and use the so called “ability corner” were empirical testing can be carried out to asses a set of measurable capabilities for the Human-automation interaction such as Manual skills, Memory and Physical skill. The tests have to represents or simulate frequents operations close to the ones performed in the assembly line. While on the other end the real sensory data from the machinery interaction (such as welding operations) performance will also be collected (parts completed without errors, unsafe conditions etc.) .

Expected Results:

Defining starting from the adopted operational and safety performance indicators in industry best practice, the field data needed to assess human machine interactions for LIVE LAB2

Develop and assess a proposed configuration for human tasks in collaboration with automation and define an algorithm to provide data monitoring for early warning of critical deviations

Validate the knowledge acquired and the approaches devised in LIVE LAB 2

Publish 2 high impact journal articles and present innovative solutions for the factory of the future at the Hannover Messe in 2022

Planned secondment(s): The PhD student is going to be seconded on M12 in in POLITO for 18 months to investigate innovative system Safety engineering assessment methods applicable to automotive.

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