ESR 7 Project Host: FINK

Host institution: FINK                 Duration 36 Months                   

Objectives:  The subject of this ESR is connected to the question of the overall architecture of the system that will be necessary to use record and interpret physiological data for physical ergonomic assessment in Industry 4.0 settings for everyday tasks. It is critical not only to record and interpret the data, but also to propose an optimal strategy to timely communicate the important work-related information to the worker. In modern industry, workers are receiving various important notification during the work-routine through various devices (e.g. displays, safety-related equipment, smartphones, etc.).

It is important to objectively quantify how the notifications are influencing the state of the worker and to investigate in which way they should be presented to the worker to not disturb his routine by receiving the information about his physical strains and potential issues.  Challenges include analyzing the existing experiences with modern interfaces.

The candidate should have the following skills: 

  • Master’s degree in engineering (mechanical, industrial, electrical or other relevant) 
  • Knowledge in the field of the safety will be considered an advantage  
  • Ambitious and interested in research. 
  • good motivation to work as a part of the team, and as individual researcher. 

Expected Results:

Define the overall architecture to use record and interpret physiological data for physical ergonomic assessment in Industry 4.0

Master the aspects of data acquisition in realistic work environments as well as the data processing in real-time to achieve the desired outcomes. 

Building the innovative methodological framework and tools for the effective exploitation of integrated field data (technical and HOF) for sustainability

Defining sustainability performance indicators and the field data need to assess them

Acquiring the knowledge on the use of data manipulation tools & Validate the tools on real case study applications in the LIVE LABS

Planned secondment(s): The PhD student is going to be seconded on M12 to IMR  for  12 months to work on LIVE LAB 3 and on M24 ESRs is going to be seconded to MATHEMA for 6 months to gain experience on data processing and data acquisition architecture structures.

to access the application form click on this link: Application form