ESR 14 Project Host: TU Dublin

Host institution: TU Dublin                         Duration 28.5 Months


The advancement of robotic application in manufacturing will also fewer number of workers on the line in human-robotics-configurations. Among the issues to be tackled there will be the possibility to keep vigilance and optimal human robotic tasks allocation to balance trade-offs on fatigue, melancholy, boredom, indifference, (common factors impact the human vigilance). Wearable sensors (Galvanic Skin Response and measurement of heart-rate) will be used for measuring of human fatigue and vigilance. This leads to the possibility of setting initial thresholds for different type of workers (height, weight, sex, age) for different types of job. Collected data will be processed and analyzed. This real time source of data can be used to pace the rate of interaction in the human-robotics collaboration and or devise reconfigurations. Job rotation will also be considered a useful and efficient way to address reconfigurations. In this sense, it I critical to be able to asses critical measurable variable for the physical and mental state of the workers and with that knowledge to define methodology how to adapt the workplace to the worker.  All experiments will be performed in the LIVE LAB 1. 

Expected Results:

Introducing and monitoring the effectiveness of real time measurement for human physical and mental states in human-robotic collaboration

Define coping strategies for human-robotics critical states  and possible optimal job rotation strategies

Introducing SMART (standards, measurement, analysis, response and training) method for improving work safety and optimizing the work environment performing ergonomically challenging tasks.

Planned secondment(s): The PhD student is going to be seconded on M12 in POLITO for 6 months to work on data processing for the wearable sensors and on M 18 in ADIENT for 12 months to devise part of the Human-robotics collaboration model for the CISC approach  (and be exposed to LIVE LABS 1 settings also in IMR. While in Serbia this ESR will work with all the Serbian team (FINK, Adient and mBainTrian on the LIVE LAB 1)

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