ESR positions/ PhD positions

The Marie Curie ITN CISC consortium seeks applications from talented graduates to join our exciting PhD training programme also referee to as ESR Fellowship (ESR stands for Early Stage Researcher).

No open position currently available

To access the application form click on this link: Application form

The ESR positions open are:

Fellow ESR 1 Project Title: Model to predict Human Performance for collaborative intelligence applications

Fellow ESR 2 Project Title: Active Learning for Fault Assessment and Diagnosis

Fellow ESR 3. Project Title: Building of BBN from process safety data for decisions support and diagnostic of safety critical equipment status

Fellow ESR 4 Project Title: Process Safety Data modelling for human-in the loop configurations in process control.

Fellow ESR 5  Project Title: Reinforcement Learning approach as an on line learning method

Fellow ESR 6. Project Title: Utilizing data from physiology-recording wearables to asses cognitive load  for near real time assessment. 

Fellow ESR 7 Project Title: Architecture to acquire real-time physical ergonomic assessment in the workplaces of the future

Fellow ESR 8 Project Title: Deep Learning for Human Performance Analysis and Prediction in Safety Critical Human Computer Interactions.

Fellow ESR 9. Project Title: Virtual reality for Human Computer Interaction: innovative information support and cyber security challenges         

Fellow ESR 10 Project: Legal and Ethical implications for the collection and use of data from physiology-recording wearables & AI algorithms for future workplace 

Fellow ESR 11 Project Title: Setting up a LIVE-LAB for Human-machine performance monitoring and prediction in automotive sector 

Fellow ESR 12 Project Title:Industrial engineering lab for Collaborative robotics. The setting of a modular testing and training environment. 

Fellow ESR 13 Project Title: Innovative approach for Safety assessment  models in of Human-robotics collaboration 

Fellow  ESR 14 Project Title: Development of advanced methodology for efficient job rotation performing human robotics collaborative tasks