Project Description

CISC MARIE CURIE International Training Network

CISC is a Marie Curie Training Network funded by the European Commission to hire and train Early Stage Researchers (ESR) or PhD student as Collaborative Intelligence Scientists with the expertise and skillset necessary to carry-out the major tasks required to develop a Collaborative Intelligence system

The training to be developed in the network will prepare the ESR for the following tasks:

  1. Modelling the dynamics of system behaviours for the production processes, IoT systems, and critical infrastructures (System Safety Engineering);
  2. Designing and implementing processes capable of monitoring interactions between automated systems and the humans destined to use them (Human Factors/ Neuroergonomics);
  3. Using data analytics and AI to create novel human-in-the-loop automation paradigms to support decision making and/or anticipate critical scenarios;
  4. Managing the Legal and Ethical implications in the use of physiology-recording wearable sensors and human performance data in AI algorithms.