Meet the Researchers: ESR9 Doaa ALMHAITHAWI

Doaa finished her bachelor’s studies at HIAST (Syria), obtaining a degree in Networking and Operating Systems Engineering. Her passion for artificial intelligence started when she started her master in Big Data Systems in the same institution, which she completed in 2019 with thesis in Fraud Detection using supervised boosting algorithms. Currently, she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Empowering Human Computer Interaction: Artificial Intelligence methodologies and Security challenges under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship program (Italy and Ireland). In this project, she’ll be investigating latent spaces in real life test cases such as, images, text, voice and others, with a specific reference to the Collaborative Intelligence for Safety Critical systems.

About her CISC Research she says
My PhD thesis aims to empower human computer interaction using Artificial Intelligence methodologies. To this end I chose to study latent spaces which are considered one of the recent and interesting fields of study that can greatly improve the understanding and the capability of the AI solutions. Latent spaces aim at providing a numeric representation of data of heterogeneous nature (e.g text, images, voice, sensor readings, etc.) by embedding it in a multidimensional vector space. Moving from the “real” space of data – which can occur in very large volumes – to the latent space the dimensionality of the data is reduced, making it also possible to create a space of any complex domain where more data types can simultaneously coexist (ex: words and images together). To align with my final goal, I will experiment and test these methodologies in different real life test cases such as, images, text, human physical signals and others. So, I will move to other case studies to apply the learnt methodologies and techniques in new fields and compare the results.

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