Meet the Researchers: ESR9 Doaa ALMHAITHAWI

Doaa finished her bachelor’s studies at HIAST (Syria), obtaining a degree in Networking and Operating Systems Engineering. Her passion for artificial intelligence started when she started her master in Big Data Systems in the same institution, which she completed in 2019 with thesis in Fraud Detection using supervised boosting algorithms. Currently, she is pursuing a Ph.D. in virtual reality for human computer interaction innovative information support and cyber security challenges under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship program (Italy and Ireland). In this project, she’ll be investigating how to enhance VR-based operator situational awareness and decision making in complex operations.  

About her CISC Research she says
The project’s main goal is to develop a framework for multi-modal user performance-state prediction, that can be applied in a variety of human-computer interaction (HCI) scenarios, using explainable deep-learning techniques. The first step is to collect data from experiments in which different performance-related states will be evoked and labelled during execution of a HCI task, while multiple physiological signals are being monitored. 
These experiments will be performed in collaboration with a research project at the Irish Manufacturing Research centre (IMR) that studies the use of telerobots to perform complex tasks requiring fine manipulation in medical device manufacturing environments, using a medical device manufacturer’s highly precise assembly task requiring the user to handle razor blades as the use-case. The developed teleoperated robot cell and the medical device assembly task will serve as the HCI scenario to evaluate and predict the user performance-related state.

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