ESR 4 Project Host: Polito

Host institution: POLITO           Duration 36 Months                   

Project Title and Work Package(s) to which it is related:

Process Safety Data modelling for human-in the loop configurations in process control. 

Objectives:  Understanding the data needs for decision making in process control and process safety of production systems to optimise tolls for decisions support in the human machine interface configurations and increase situational awareness for safety critical system in process industry and critical infrastructure (networks), optimise the methodology for data collection integration and analysis, learn how to exploit the results of data analysis ofcusing on the scenarios for LIVE LAB1.

Expected Results:

Building an innovative methodological framework and tools for decision support in process safety critical status (considering technical and HOF data) for process control optimisation and process safety

Defining process control and safety performance indicators and the field data needed to assess them

Acquiring the knowledge on the use of data manipulation tools

Validate the knowledge acquired and the approaches devised on real case study applications 

Planned secondment(s): The PhD student is going to be seconded on M9 in IMR for 12 months to work on the scenario for HMI in LIVE LAB 1 with the scenario supported by YOKOGAWA and on M24 in EPRI for 6 months to export the model to control of energy networks. 

to access the application form click on this link: Application form