ESR 12: Project Host: IMR

 Host institution: IMR                   Duration 36 Months                   

Objectives: Human robot collaboration is identified as a key growth driver in industry 4.0. Collaborative robots are designed to work alongside humans reducing the need for expensive safety barriers and allowing intuitive task definition. In particular, this makes collaborative robots ideal for batch manufacturing and one-off repetitive tasks. In spite of the potential benefits, the rate of up-take has been adversely affected by confusion surrounding safety requirements and the overhead associated robot programming. This project will design experiments in LIVE LAB 3, to focus on how exteroceptive sensor, human-in-the-loop control architecture and learning from demonstration can improve the productivity of a cell reducing installation time and increasing robustness to modelling errors a the same time as analysing the physical and socio-psychological implications for the humans sharing an industrial workspace with a robot.

The candidate should have the following skills

  • A Master’s degree in computer science, electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics or other related areas. 
  • Strong background in mathematics and programming preferably in C++/Python. 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English. 
  • Relevant experience in ROS, or hands-on experience with robotic hardware/ sensor equipment is a plus. 

Expected Results:

Develop frameworks for share workspace human robot collaboration that prioritize human safety and comfort

Develop prototype algorithms that reduce the task definition time allowing collaborative robots to be used for batch manufacturing too

Validate the knowledge acquired and the approaches devised on real case study applications in the LIVE LAB

Publish 2 high impact journal articles and present innovative solutions for the factory of the future at the Hannover Messe in 2022

Planned secondment(s): The PhD student is going to be seconded on M12 in POLITO for 6 months to investigate innovative system Safety engineering assessment methods and on M18 in FINK for 12 months work on the data collection and be exposed to their work for LIVE LAB 1 in Adient

to access the application form click on this link: Application form