Meet the Researchers: ESR7 Carlo CAIAZZO

Carlo received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in November 2017 at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. At the same University, he achieved the Master degree in Mechanical Engineering for the Design and Production, defending successfully the experimental thesis about the analysis of the materials’ viscoelastic behavior by means of ML techniques. Nonetheless, during his academic studies, he was actively involved in Erasmus projects in Naples, taking part in an Erasmus national association. From March to September 2021, he pursued an internship toward a start-up, spin-off from the University of Naples Federico II, Italy.

About his CISC Research he says
In the project, I focus on the architecture to acquire real-time physical ergonomic assessment in the workplaces of the future.  The subject is connected to the question of the overall architecture of the system that will be necessary to use record and interpret physiological data for physical ergonomic assessment in Industry 4.0 settings for everyday tasks. It is critical not only to record and interpret the data, but also to propose an optimal strategy to timely communicate the important work-related information to the worker.

About his participation at ESREL2022 he says 
Last week, I participated at ESREL2022 conference at Technological University Dublin as an attendee, presenting my research paper regarding a framework to design neuroergonomic and collaborativerobots experiments in the manufacturingprocess workplaces to evaluate the operator workload through EEG cap.
Plus, I am glad to have taken part as a staff member in the organization committee of the event, supported by Abbey Conference & Events, helping colleagues and staff for the success of the event.
Many thanks to the colleagues involved in our work: Djapan Marko PhD, Arso Vukicevic, Milos Jovicic, Milan Radenkovic and Marija Savkovic
and last, but not least, to the organizations supporting my work:
FINK – Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac
CISC – Collaborative Intelligence for Safety Critical Systems

About his participation at the OESEM Conference he says
I am glad to have taken part at the Occupational and Environmental #Safety Engineering & #management #OESEM2022 Conference in Niš, Serbia, last November, in which my last two paper works were published:
Architecture of Human-Robot Collaboration in Manufacturing Industries”
Advanced Physical Ergonomics and Neuroergonomics Research on an Assembly Workstation”
Here is the link to the Oesem 2022 Proceedings

May 2022
FRONTIERS PAPER: “Development of Modular and Adaptive Laboratory Set-Up for Neuroergonomic and Human-Robot Interaction Research
September 2022
ESREL PAPER: “Framework of modular industrial assembly workstations in a collaborative environment
SIE PAPER: “Improving the quality of final product by Poka-Yoke system on assembly workstation: A case study
October 2022
SENSORS PAPER: “Experimental Analysis of Handcart Pushing and Pulling Safety in an Industrial Environment by Using IoT Force and EMG Sensors Relationship with Operators´ Psychological Status and Pain Syndromes
November 2022
OESEM PAPER: “Architecture of Human-Robot Collaboration in Manufacturing Industries”
OESEM PAPER: “Advanced Physical Ergonomics and Neuroergonomics Research on an Assembly Workstation”

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