Meet the Researchers: ESR4 Chidera Winfred AMAZU

Chidera is a double degree MSc. graduate of Production Engineering and Management from OWL University of Applied Science Lemgo Germany and the University of Trieste Italy. She also has an academic background in Mechanical Engineering (Industrial and Production Major) from her first degree in Nigeria. Professionally, she has worked and garnered experience in Equipment Maintenance, Network surveillance, and Product development across several companies within Nigeria and Germany. Her passion for research and her desire to contribute to industrial development and explore topics within the context of industry 4.0 has been a driver towards her current engagement in the CISC (Collaborative Intelligence for Safety-Critical Systems) project. She looks forward to an interesting phase and to the next few years as a human-centered AI researcher.

About her CISC Research she says
I am working on building an innovative methodological framework and tools for decision support in process safety critical status (considering technical and HOF data) for process control optimisation and process safety. To achieve this, I would be defining data needs for decision-making in process control and safety of production systems (Process and Infrastructure Industries). I would also be identifying safety and control performance indicators. Alongside the above tasks, I will optimise the methodology for data collection, integration and analysis, and learn how to exploit the results of data analysis in this domain.

Current task – Case study on Alarm Management:  
Understanding and extracting information on vital factors, intervention strategies from given alarm data. Time-series data analysis. Help identify critical information and tasks to support situational awareness (trouble shooting strategy procedure and HMI) to support for them. 

May 2022
Participation in MuSyChEn (MULTIPHASE SYSTEMS AND CHEMICAL ENGINEERING) Group Seminar organised by Micaela Demicela and colleagues in the Department of Applied Science and Technology, PoliTo (Politecnico di Torino). Chidera discussed operators’ behaviour under the broad topic “Dynamic process simulation and data analysis for risk-based decision making and risk awareness”. Also, she introduced her potential research contribution to this topic.

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