Meet the Researchers: ESR3 Joseph MIETKIEWICZ

I am Joseph Mietkiewicz ESR 3 of the CISC project. I am studying Bayesian Network to help decision-making in collaboration with Hugin Expert A/S company.

About his Research at CISC he says
In modern industry, Human operators are crucial for the well-being of plants. The operator has an indication of deviance in the process thank to alarms. But with the increasing complexity of the modern industry, the number of alarms skyrocketed. The operator can be confronted with a high number of alarms that can be misleading. The idea of this project is to develop Bayesian Network models that help decision-making for a human operator in case of a process upset. Bayesian network is a machine learning technique that can be used to extract useful alarms from an alarm flow and predict critical events. I am currently working on building a data-driven Bayesian network that predicts critical events and indicates which alarms are the most important related to this critical event.

September 2022
ESREL PAPER: Data driven Bayesian network to predict critical alarm

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