MuSyChEn Group Seminar

Two of our researchers participated in the just concluded MuSyChEn (MULTIPHASE SYSTEMS AND CHEMICAL ENGINEERING) Group Seminar organised by Micaela Demicela and colleagues in the Department of Applied Science and Technology, PoliTo (Politecnico di Torino)

Here, Chidera Winifred Amazu discussed operators’ behaviour under the broad topic “Dynamic process simulation and data analysis for risk-based decision making and risk awareness”. Also, she introduced her potential research contribution to this topic.

Presented with: Gabriele Baldissone

Our researcher Carlos Albarran Morillo also discussed future devices and techniques for data collection and analysis for accident prevention under the topic “Data analysis for the enhancement of safety in the work environment”.

Presented with: Shuo Yang

Keep up with the good work!

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