Bootcamp 2021


From the 18th to the 22nd October 2021, the ESRs at CISC will participate in the first Bootcamp of the project.

During this intensive 5-days Bootcamp, ESRs will be trained within topics relevant to their projects. The taught modules will cover a wide range of subjects:

  • Introduction to Bayesian Belief Networks
  • Principles of Machine Learning
  • Human Factors and Engineering
  • Neuroergonomics
  • Engineering Principles in Safety Critical Systems
  • AI driven automation (lab session)
  • Human Robotics Collaboration
  • European Union AI Ethical Guidelines
  • Data Collection and Data Use: The Legal Issues
  • Research Integrity and Personal Development Plan

This Bootcamp will be held in person and remotely. The material will be available for all ESRs to consult at any time. Availability of the material will allow that late recruited ESRs can be trained in the listed topics and catch up with ealier-started ESRs.

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